Embedding UserControls to HTML page created by Design Manager


The design crash after you embed 2 or more User Controls in a html file.I have been figuring out a way to solve that problem today.

You can register User Controls using this statement:

<!--SPM:<%@Register TagPrefix="UC" TagName="SampleUC" src="~/_controltemplates/SampleIntranet/SampleUC.ascx"%>-->

Normally you can use;

<!--MS:{UserControl registration}-->

but when you add 2 user controls same way,design crashes.So you need to close the MS statement using “ME”.

Here’s how you can do it:

<!--MS:<UC:SampleUC runat="server" id="SampleUCID">-->;
<!--MS:<UC:SampleUC2 runat="server" id="SampleUCID2">-->

Hope that fix helps you


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